Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fashion Fur

I need to stop wearing black. Keiko's pets, Miku, Lacey, and Vester are just so adorable, that I can't help but set them right up on my lap and pet them until they fall asleep. I always forget that it isn't such a good idea until it is too late, and my stockings and dress are detailed with white fur. I figure that they can't change their coats, so maybe I should change mine. It will take a little bit at a time because the majority of my closet is black. I will need to do some shopping! For now, I've been wearing black dresses with a colored scarf, tights, or cardigan.

My third day with Keiko consisted of learning to make buttonholes on the sewing machine. It was easy because there is a selection on the sewing machine for automatically making buttonholes. The hard part is lining up the fabric on the sewing machine in exactly the right spot.

Later in the day we took a trip out to the garment district to pick out fabric for spring. I tried to get a feel for what Keiko was looking for and what her clothing is about. I want to be able to see a fabric, shirt, or trimming and know that it fits the image of Postlapsaria. I want to be able to make good decisions based on my knowledge of sewing, color/pattern/trim combinations, and the company.

I am always so amazed at this city. There are so many places to explore and discover. I never would have known about the fabric store if Keiko hadn't taken me! I'm just getting so excited about sewing! I just found out that my dorm building has some industrial sewing machines in the basement. I can't wait to play around with it and figure out how to use it!

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