Friday, February 27, 2009


Today, Keiko sent me on an errand to pick up some fabulous trims for headbands in the garment district. I really enjoy looking at trims, buttons, and fabric because my imagination can wander. "What can I make with this?" I love the idea of making something with my own hands. It makes the piece unique and special because of the love that was placed into every inch of making it. I'm a sucker for giving and receiving homemade gifts. I just find it so touching to think, "That person took time out of his/her day to make that for me".

I sewed elastic around the armholes of an adorable dress that Keiko reconstructed from a big house dress. Things are getting easier.

Keiko sent me home with some trims to make headbands, and I still have fabric sitting here to make bows. I am so eager to get started, but I keep having to go to the notions store. I had bought needles and thread, but I forgot the bobbins, and then I realized that the machine didn't have any bobbin cases. I stopped today and bought a cutting board, pins, and hand sewing needles. I think I am finally ready to hit the sewing machine this weekend!


amandalee said...

Hey there! I'm really enjoying your blog. I've been a Postlapsaria fan for awhile, and I'm glad Keiko found someone cool to work with her. I look forward to reading more from you!

Catherine G said...

Thanks for your support!!!!

Anonymous said...

Catherine, I love your posts! It's so great to hear about all your progress learning how to sew. Keep up the great work. :)