Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I love running errands. Sounds crazy, right? I don't know why, but I love rushing around picking things up, selecting items, and visiting new places. Since Keiko is down in sunny Florida (I am so jealous!), I decided to take an exciting walk in the garment district to find some items for my independent sewing projects. Usually, I wear my boots for the trek to Brooklyn, but the short walk to 38th Street permitted me to wear heels.

Firstly, I stopped at the fabric store and looked around for some knits. Here's what I picked up!
I'm going to make a bag with the green one, shirts with the heathers, and shirts and skirts with the printed ones.

Next, I stopped at the button shop. I had purchased a very lightweight black jacket with a peter pan collar from Beacon's closet, and it was missing two buttons. I figured I could replace the old ugly buttons with some nice salmon-colored ones with gold around the edges.

With my new fabric and buttons, I made my way to the button shop to find some matching thread. I think I could get the hang of this area. Everything is here! I guess it's not called "the garment district" for nothing!

After that I made my way to school to check out the sewing labs. Whoa, I didn't know we had a bunch of rooms loaded with sewing machines and sergers for students to use. I guess being a business student automatically excludes me from this sort of information...

Now that I had everything, I was determined to get down to the basement and figure out that sewing machine. Thoroughly surprised, I was able to thread the machine and the bobbin easily. Just as I was about to test some fabric for tension adjustments, I realized that there was no presser foot! Sigh. What a disappointment. After all of that. I had forgotten to buy a presser foot! Well, it's a good thing the garment district is only 7 blocks away...I guess I'll go hand sew some more headband bows...

shirt: H &M
skirt: Daffy's
Tights: Christmas gift from Mom
Shoes: Nine West
100% silk Scarf: Birthday gift from Mom

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