Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Photo Shoot!

I helped out with my first photo shoot today! Keiko modeled her quirky looks for Bust Magazine's June/July issue in a fantastic Fifth Ave. apartment. We also got to prance around outside for a while in the beautiful weather. Well, I pranced, and Keiko did her best. I must say, I am very impressed at all of the movement (jumping, walking up steps, skipping...) Keiko did in her cute, but nonetheless difficult, high-heels. Way to Go! I just know her photos are going to turn out great.

I found today especially helpful because I was able to talk to a professional photographer and an assistant editor about their careers as Keiko posed in front of the camera. The photographer, Karine, and the Bust assistant editor, Lisa, were both so friendly and asked me about my education and future plans. Lisa told me that her favorite part about being an assistant editor is meeting all sorts of fascinating people, learning about them, and writing about them. Because it was such a beautiful day out, Karine and I got to talking about the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. The flavors are amazing. Aren't you craving some lychee ice cream?

I had a fun time helping out today. I didn't mind carrying the suitcase or bags, I liked looking thought the clothes as I tried to fit everything in the suitcase, and I'm lucky enough to work for someone who values my opinion and asks for my input. I felt like I was part of the team, not like the intern following 2 steps behind.

sweater: Beacon's Closet
shirt: Uniqlo
skirt: Daffys
tights: Uniqlo
shoes: Target
Headband: Made it!

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alice said...

Now you have a little bit more experience :)
And I like your style and smile!