Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thread and Fabric do not Agree (according to the sewing machine)

It was a tough Friday. I got myself down to the basement sewing machine with all of my supplies (Yes! I had them all this time!). I was able to thread the machine, install the presser foot, needle, and bobbin. I had trouble with the tension, though I didn't believe it when my fashion design friend warned me that the tension on the basement machine was all messed up. Then, the thread would skip numerous stitches at a time, so I tightened it a little. I spent about an hour and a half spinning the tension wheel, and trying every setting. The thread kept breaking, so I would loosen the tension. I am going to blame a faulty sewing machine for my bag still being in pinned pieces.
I couldn't stay in too long. The beautiful day called me out to Soho for a little window shopping at Bloomingdale's and some exploring at Pearl River Mart. I went a little 50's...
Dress: Loehmanns
Shoes: Target


Keiko Lynn said...

I feel like I've been gone a million years! I can't believe how many bows you're a machine. And I'm loving the outfits:)

Anonymous said...

Catherine- I have this weird, secret love for your blog which shows up on my newsfeed every once in a while. It looks like you're having a blast and doing awesome things in the city and I'm thrilled for you!! The main point of this post, however, is to let you know that this dress is ADORABLE. I'm in love with it. Feel free to ship it to me whenever you feel like it. Thanks :)