Friday, April 24, 2009

Play Clothes and Naptime

I don't think I could have started this weekend any better. Because the weather was so beautiful, Lindsay and I planned a picnic in Central Park today.

I had nothing to wear...I was NOT about to wear jeans to the park on such a warm day...

So, I whipped up a skirt in a few hours, and I did it all by myself! I used the serger and the sewing machine in the basement (I finally got it working!). The ribbed fabric gave me some trouble, and the tension and stitch length wasn't quite right. The hems made the fabric a little wavy, and the thread kept breaking, so the hemlines are broken and ugly. I am super happy anyway. I did the best I could (it was decent enough for my experience), and I had no problem wearing it to the park! Lindsay decided to wear the shirt that I reconstructed for her!

Before heading to Central Park, Lindsay and I went and picked up lunch at the Union Square Greenmarket. We bought cheese and herb bread, a vegetarian lentil and carrot wrap, a vegetarian spinach and cheese wrap, kimchi tofu, homemade applesauce, cranberry oatmeal cookies, and apple cider doughnuts. Yeah, Lindsay and I eat a lot.

We also picked up a poem. A young man was typing free poems for people, and wrote us a poem about our trip to the park, rolling in the grass, and picnics. He whipped out a beautiful poem in about 7 minutes. I love the use of imagery in literature becaue it allows me to close my eyes and dream...
He told me that he writes about 60 poems a week for people as he sits by a little fountain in Union Square. A French woman came by and said that she could write a poem for him about Union Square in French, and he handed her a pen and paper. When she finished, he had her read it to him, even though he did not not understand French. The beauty lied in the sounds of the words, not necessarily the meaning of the words. He listened carefully, genuinely thanked her and placed the poem in his old brown leather bag. Some day, I think I will write a poem about him, take it to him, and read it to him; I don't know why. He just makes me want to write a poem. I think he has the power to influence people because he enjoys what he does so much, and people see that. The following are Lindsay's words: "I believe that this man truly loves what he does. Though he could keep the poems that he writes in Union Square for his portfolio, he gives all of them away to the people who meet him at his typewriter."

Oh boy, now I'm feeling poetic...So, here is my literary account of our experience at Central Park.
We reached the park, and settle in the shade on the outskirts of the great lawn. We "chowed down", as Lindsay put it, and then rolled around in the grass with our full bellies. There were lots of children at the park, being carried, climbing rocks, running in the grass, discovering "fossils". I just closed my eyes and listened to their excited voices and the pit-pat of their feet on the sidewalk.

The breeze chilled the air, and we packed up and decided to settle on a huge rock that had shoved itself out of the earth. The rock was warm and reminded me the time that my brother had turtles that stretched out on their rock, eyes closed, face toward the lamp...and then Lindsay and I fell asleep.

We were out for about half an hour! We had no desire to get up at all. I just couldn't believe how wonderful I felt, lying there in such a gorgeous place. We had no worries, no cares, and our souls had been replenished.

We have been more relaxed and happy...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Completed Projects

Hey everyone! I finally got some pictures of the projects I've recently completed!

This is a men's button-down shirt that I reconstructed. I took in the sides and shortened the sleeves.

Oh yeah, I also added some awesome red tabs on the turned-up sleeves.

I made this shirt for my sister's birthday,

and I sent my sister a bunch of bows to give to her friends, but I think she kept quite a few for herself...

I truly believe that my sister is too awesome for her own good.

Today, Keiko and I worked on bow headbands after she showed me how to sew on a crew neck band and how to make elastic casing. I expect to be making and wearing a lot more skirts soon!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fabric an Falafel

On Friday morning I threw open my closet doors only to realize that I do not own a single pair of spring sandals. It's a morning for shoe shopping! Long story short, I didn't find any that I liked, so I just wore my dumb black flats for the day.

Keiko and I met up at the fabric store. Two hours = to large bags of fabric = 1 large bag of fabric/hr. What I love about fabric is being able to look at it and envision exactly what it should be. I fan my fingers over some sheer black fabric splattered with large gold dots, but what I really saw was a fabulous tunic paired with black leggings and heels for a night out.

We met up with Bobby later and headed down to Union Square for falafel. The park was packed with people. The weather was so beautiful, it seemed that everyone put on their best spring attire and took the day off. There's just something about a warm spring day that places everyone in the best mood. Take it in while you can, winter will be back before you know it...

When Keiko, Bobby, and I get together, we talk a lot about food and restaurants around the city. Today, Keiko mentioned an Arepas Bar in called Caracas. My friend, Lindsay, and I went there on Saturday and had a blast, especially with the Coconut Milkshake. The waiter was extremely nice, and didn't make fun of me when I attempted to order our Tostones Mochimeros.

I have no idea why I was surprised, but Williamsburg was so lively and animated on Friday night. The environment, the weather, and the people mixed to create an indescribable experience as Lindsay and I strolled in and out of shops, past the open restaurants, and right up to the Rickshaw Dumpling truck. It's just too bad that we were still stuffed from Caracas.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

$10 Tamale

I didn't have a single care in the world today. I walked through the rain to the Union Square Greenmarket and back, and I wasn't a bit unhappy. In fact, I took a little detour through Greenwich Village.

I picked up a lot of food for tomorrow's Easter celebration; all from local farmers : )

Someone walking their dog took my picture for me after I gave him a plastic bag to clean up after his dog. Good swap.

There's just something about a rainy day...

I was almost home when my tummy started rumbling. I stopped at the Chelsea Flea Market and picked up a tamale. The vendors wouldn't tell me the price until after they packaged it up for me, even though I asked a number of times. $10. Couldn't believe it. I was hoping that it was going to be some spectacular, it wasn't.

I do not believe it was a good day for any vendors. It didn't stop raining.

The security guard at the front desk took this for me because all of my friends are home for Spring Break. Thanks!

I reconstructed this garment on my own today! It took a long while, but I did it. I was fine until I got to the sleeves. I had to ditch the original sleeves and make new ones. I wanted it to be a dress and added a ruffle at the bottom, but it looked horrible. I cut it and made a shirt instead.

Umbrella: Loehmanns
Jeans: Jimmy'z
Boots: Aerosoles (as usual...)
Recycled reusable grocery bag filled with Easter goodies!
White Shirt: Banana Republic
Blue and yellow shirt: thrifted and reconstructed

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Busy Body

It's been a very productive Spring Break. I've completed 3 projects, picked up materials for 4 more, and am currently working on one. The projects I finished were gifts to friends, so it will be a few days before I can get a picture of them modeling their new pieces.

Since I haven't reconstructed anything for myself yet, I picked up 2 men's plaid, button-downs and two huge t-shirts when I accompanied Keiko and Bobby to the thrift store.

I've only a few more days of Spring Break, yet I have so much that I want to accomplish!

I'll be sure to keep you posted on my projects!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

World Pillow Fight Day

Since it was cold and rainy, and I didn't have anyone to take my picture before heading off for my internship, I will leave you today with a picture of me at World Pillow Fight Day. Surprisingly, I was actually trying to smile, but somebody just clobbered me in the head with a pillow and I had just inhaled a bunch of feathers into my nose and mouth.

World Pillow Fight Day: Wall Street, NYC

I didn't last very long before I looked for a place to take a break. I thought about a half hour had passed, and I couldn't believe it had only been ten minutes. I must be a real wimp. However, I didn't leave right away. I watched for about twenty minutes more before heading back into the crowd, ammunition in hand. I was only there for forty-five minutes, but I headed back home with the intentions of taking a nap.

I think it is so funny how events like these make people more open to conversation and interaction than in everyday life. If two strangers are both carrying a pillow onto the subway, it automatically means that it is okay to strike up a conversation with the each other. I think that when people share something in common, no matter how small, the tiniest connection is built that allows us to reach another human being, even if for a few minutes. I know I am off-the-wall excited when I meet someone from Florida. There is a connection that I can relate to the person, even though it may not be true. That initial connection is the basis for establishing relationships with others.

I first encountered Keiko in an article that my mother sent me from Orlando. I got so excited to find out about her and her company. "Yay, she is from Florida!" was my first thought. My second was, "Yay, she loves thrift shopping". Those connections were what pushed me to contact her for an internship in the first place.

On Friday, Keiko had me swatch a number of fabrics for her so she could put together samples for an order. After I labeled all of the samples with numbers, I was able to get to work on a special project for a special someone's birthday coming up. This was the first garment that I made start to finish without Keiko's help! I wish I could show it to you now, but I don't want to spoil the birthday surprise! I should have it posted soon after Easter.