Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fabric an Falafel

On Friday morning I threw open my closet doors only to realize that I do not own a single pair of spring sandals. It's a morning for shoe shopping! Long story short, I didn't find any that I liked, so I just wore my dumb black flats for the day.

Keiko and I met up at the fabric store. Two hours = to large bags of fabric = 1 large bag of fabric/hr. What I love about fabric is being able to look at it and envision exactly what it should be. I fan my fingers over some sheer black fabric splattered with large gold dots, but what I really saw was a fabulous tunic paired with black leggings and heels for a night out.

We met up with Bobby later and headed down to Union Square for falafel. The park was packed with people. The weather was so beautiful, it seemed that everyone put on their best spring attire and took the day off. There's just something about a warm spring day that places everyone in the best mood. Take it in while you can, winter will be back before you know it...

When Keiko, Bobby, and I get together, we talk a lot about food and restaurants around the city. Today, Keiko mentioned an Arepas Bar in called Caracas. My friend, Lindsay, and I went there on Saturday and had a blast, especially with the Coconut Milkshake. The waiter was extremely nice, and didn't make fun of me when I attempted to order our Tostones Mochimeros.

I have no idea why I was surprised, but Williamsburg was so lively and animated on Friday night. The environment, the weather, and the people mixed to create an indescribable experience as Lindsay and I strolled in and out of shops, past the open restaurants, and right up to the Rickshaw Dumpling truck. It's just too bad that we were still stuffed from Caracas.

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