Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bad News First... camera is broken. Here is a picture of it.

It keeps shutting on and off, on and off. When I turn it off it makes clicky noises while it flashes its lights. I don't know what to do. I don't want to buy another point and shoot, you know? I would like to invest in an SLR, but I don't really have that kind of money to invest! Perhaps eBay can help me out.My site may be down for a little while until I can resolve the matter.
Do you have a recommendation for an older, more affordable camera model?

The Good News: My serger arrived in the mail today! My plan is to dedicate my Wednesdays to sewing projects. I'd like to make my own pixie Halloween costume for October. I have so much fabric and supplies that I don't know what to do with all of it. The disaster in my room is driving me nuts because I am usually a very organized person. Everything has a place, and not knowing where to put anything frustrates me.
Would you consider yourself to be an organized or messy person?


Mo @ Mo-logue said...

I am very, very organized. Things can be untidy, but it all has to go back to it's place within a few days, or I'll lose it!

It always takes me a month or so after I move back to my apartment for school to reorganize myself and my stuff. I found a bunch of plastic storage bins at a dollar store that have helped me organize all my old notebooks and random things!

Ry Ry said...

Camera Recommendation!
have someone check property control for you. I found a camera there for $20. It was a sony and even did video. downside was trying to find memory sticks but they have the pro duo adapters, a lot of them, and also the camera was only 3.2mp but you really don't need a lot of mp unless you plan on printing posters...