Saturday, September 12, 2009

I am where the food is

The crazy week has taken me to all sorts of places...
It's a hot day, and Lindsay and I head to Le Pain Quotidien for lunch.
Pommes Frites at Julie and Julia...
Ronny Brook Milk Bar-Lindsay had what was called a "Lemonana", ice, lemonade, and a ton of mint blended together in a refreshing " curious green drink" as we called it. I went for the chocolate orange peel milkshake. I couldn't believe how good it was! We plan to go back to try the lavender milk.
Alice's Tea (Chapter III) was probably my favorite place this week. the carrot cumin sandwich and the pumpkin-stuffed pancakes were just divine. I could have sat there all day on the patio with my bianca tea. THOSE PANCAKES WERE ROCKIN!
Can't turn down a ballpark hot dog...
I ended up going to Fashion's Night Out. I didn't see any celebs, and I didn't trail very far from 34th, but I did score a jacket from Forever 21 (in the next picture).
I ended the week at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza with FeFe Dobson and Cobra Starship. Free Tacos! Whoo!

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