Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gone Tomorrow

It makes me so happy that the warmth came back, even if it is only for a week. I'm glad it came back to say goodbye, and fade out as a new chilly breeze comes in.

Poetic, I know. That's all I've got.
Anyhow, on one of the colder days last week, I decided to wear the new jumper that my mother made me. I picked out the fabric at mood. When my mother came to visit last Thanksgiving, I circled a few spots on the map for her to check out. She went out to mood while I went to class, and when I called her 4 hours later, she was still browsing fabrics and neglected to follow the agenda that I had set for her. No worries...I got a new jumper out if the experience.
Halloween costumes are almost complete, and they look great. I actually picked up another project. My friend is dressing up as some chick from a video game (I don't recall her name). Anyway, I hemmed a cardigan, and I will be making a skirt today with some pink leopard print material.
Lindsay and I took a trip to the Museum of Natural History on the weekend, and we made sure to pick up some sugar crystal candy on the way out. I really have a weak spot for sugar.

Jacket: Dillard's
Jumper: Mom made it
Bag: Nine West
Boots: Aerosoles
Heather Tights: Dillard's
Shirt: Christmas


Charles George Esperanza said...

I love the red jacket looks hella cute

Julia said...

Hey Catherine! I want to come at thnksgiving and not follow your agenda! Ill make you a jumper i promise! :) Your hair is really long... Come down here we have warm a lot!
barely any chilly.
hope you are having fun! :)