Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Happiness

The Halloween costumes that I made this year turned out better than I had anticipated! That's what made my Halloween so great--and the fact that I didn't have to fight the Village Halloween Parade and subway chaos this year. Instead of going to the Village Parade, my friends and I decided to volunteer for the Halloween celebration at Prospect Park. We saw so many cute children and parents dressed up. It was such a nice change from being forced to stare at "adult"-style costumes every year. Lindsay wanted a picture with a 3-year old Max (Where the Wild Things Are), but we didn't think he could sit still long enough.

At the park we participated in the parade, holding and marching the big Mermaid down the street, her fin flipping and arms waving. I think it was a great idea to be in the parade because 1.) we could see everybody's costumes as we walked by, and 2) it was good exercise.
We were so lucky that the subway wasn't crowded, or else we would have been in trouble. The size of our wings was ridiculous (I just had to buy the awesome realistic ones!), but people were very courteous as we tried not to hit anybody. I think our cute costumes made it difficult for anyone to be annoyed with us. Who could get mad at a fairy?!!!

I was very impressed with Liz's Artemis costume because she threw together a toga using a curtain and some rope--no sewing involved! It didn't even fall off or need adjusting. Quite a few people easily pointed out who she was, while others thought she was Cupid and asked her to shoot them.
I made my costume using a romper pattern and Tinkerbell's costume using my own design knowledge, complete with a satchel, flowers for my hair, a ribbon for Tink's bun, and dandelion puffs for her shoes! I just can't believe that Halloween in over. Now what am I going to sew?!!!


Mo @ Mo-logue said...

What fantastic costumes! It looks like you had tons of fun! Great job!

Julia said...

Those are cute Catherine! :)

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

The wings are fantastic and I love the Artemis costume as well; the bow is such a perfect addition.