Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Crafts

One thing that I hate about attending school out-of-state is not being able to bring and store all of my arts and crafts supplies in my dorm room. I decided to make a Christmas ornament for the FIT athletic director, who did so much for the cross-country team this semester. I also made picture frames with our team picture for my two coaches. Let me tell you, I really wished I had my glitter glue and scrapbook supplies. I had to make do with super glue, glitter, fabric, and cardboard. When I finished, I was actually very pleased with the end result...If you can't tell from the photos, FIT is the home of the tigers. I think only about 40% of FIT students actually know what are school mascot is.
Last week, I also got to go to the Martha Stewart Show. EVERYONE was required to wear a holiday sweater. If you weren't wearing one, you couldn't go and see the show. I picked up this white sweater at the Salvation Army and embellished it myself! Not too tacky... I ended up being disappointed because after all the trouble the show went through to get us to wear holiday sweaters (and after all the work and money I put into making my sweater) the audience didn't even get any air time. None. I think Martha was just exercising her power. That's all.Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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