Saturday, July 3, 2010

50th Blog Post: Back in Action!

My sister and I at Tomorrowland Speedway
It's been a busy couple of months trying to get through exams, move out of the dorms, move into storage, move into a new apartment, and make my way back home to Orlando. I started my
summer job right away working with The Mouse as a photographer at the Magic Kingdom.
I FINALLY got around to getting some music on the iTouch that I won at a talent show a few months ago. Epic fail, I don't even really know how this thing works.
My sister and I on the East Coast
I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE IT IS JULY ALREADY! Seems like the summer is just getting started. I was lucky enough to get to the beach twice the first week I was back. Last summer, I rushed over the day before I flew back to NYC. Lame.
Brianna and I on the West Coast (of Florida, that is!)
My awesome haircut (above)
I'm so psyched about my new haircut! My stylist at John Dellaria, Jeffrey, specializes in curly hair and gave me an awesome look for the summer. I highly recommend the splurge for all of you curly-hair girls (and guys) out there. It is so totally worth it. A good hair day won't be a stranger anymore.

I'm trying to make full use of my time this summer, and I've been planning lots of sewing projects. One done! This romper came from McCall's Sewing Patterns. If it looks familiar, it's the same pattern that I used for my Halloween costume. I've already started on two other projects. On is a reconstruction, and the other is an outfit for a wonderfully eccentic client of mine.


Ry Ry said...

Cute as usualy. Enjoy your summer with the mouse. Sadly I will Be in AZ but at least this time I have a job to go to that I really enjoy.

katrina said...

glad to hear your summer's going well already! I can't wait to see what other sewing projects you have lined up. :)