Saturday, April 11, 2009

$10 Tamale

I didn't have a single care in the world today. I walked through the rain to the Union Square Greenmarket and back, and I wasn't a bit unhappy. In fact, I took a little detour through Greenwich Village.

I picked up a lot of food for tomorrow's Easter celebration; all from local farmers : )

Someone walking their dog took my picture for me after I gave him a plastic bag to clean up after his dog. Good swap.

There's just something about a rainy day...

I was almost home when my tummy started rumbling. I stopped at the Chelsea Flea Market and picked up a tamale. The vendors wouldn't tell me the price until after they packaged it up for me, even though I asked a number of times. $10. Couldn't believe it. I was hoping that it was going to be some spectacular, it wasn't.

I do not believe it was a good day for any vendors. It didn't stop raining.

The security guard at the front desk took this for me because all of my friends are home for Spring Break. Thanks!

I reconstructed this garment on my own today! It took a long while, but I did it. I was fine until I got to the sleeves. I had to ditch the original sleeves and make new ones. I wanted it to be a dress and added a ruffle at the bottom, but it looked horrible. I cut it and made a shirt instead.

Umbrella: Loehmanns
Jeans: Jimmy'z
Boots: Aerosoles (as usual...)
Recycled reusable grocery bag filled with Easter goodies!
White Shirt: Banana Republic
Blue and yellow shirt: thrifted and reconstructed


Adaora A. said...

That's not fair at all. How can they think it's OK to not tell you the price of your meal before you pay? That's what damn price boards are for. WTH! Anyways, your outfits are adorable.

Keiko Lynn said...

That's an expensive tamale! And good job on the shirt!

Anonymous said...

Your tamale story reminds me of a story my friend's brother told me about when he was in the Navy. I can't remember where they were, but they had a day off and he and his friends went on a camel ride, and the camel handlers told them it was 5$, so they paid and got on the camels, and then when they wanted to get off, the handlers told them it would cost 50$ to get off the camel! The camels were so tall they couldn't jump off, so they had to pay!

How crazy is that!? I hate when vendors don't give prices - it just seems so shady.