Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer: Hot with a Fever

What an eventful and uneventful week. On my first day back, I attended my sister's high school graduation. It actually wasn't boring like I thought it was going to be. It was a good time. On that same day, I took my family to the airport so THEY could get to Indiana for my brother's graduation form Notre Dame. Well, you know what? They didn't get to go to Gatorland...

I was debating whether to post this, but here it is. Yeah, I wrestled an alligator.
I like the goat better and wanted to take him home with me. I liked him so much that I spent $2 on a cone of food to feed him.

I haven't been writing or doing any projects since I got back because I've been sick in bed for the past few days. You know I'm sick when I don't even have an appetite for my mother's homemade Texas Chili. Al this sleeping is making me crazy. I hate not being able to get up and go for a walk or do something constructive in the middle of the day. I'm just in the "I'm sick, and sick people lie in bed all day until they better" mode.

I guess it hasn't been so terrible for me once I think that there isn't much to do outside anyway. I thought he NYC rain was going to kill me, but perhaps it's worse expecting to come home to sunny Florida weather, only to have it pour nonstop since arriving here. The national news actually reported today on how much rain we've been getting. Is it wrong to expect just a little sun from my home state?

Oh, some good news. I finally got a picture of a project I did a while ago for my friend. I made a stencil and spray painted a t-shirt. And the silly guy didn't even bother to iron it...
The back even has little drum sticks on them.
Today, I was able to get up and start construction on some bows for Keiko. I just can't finish them until I've received the rest of my packages from college. I really hope they come soon.

In conclusion: First 3 days-lots of events, next 6 days-lots of sleeping, still waiting for packages, still waiting for the rain to stop and the sun to come out, still waiting to get better, so no great outfit for today.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pack and Ship

Time is running out as I am simultaneously trying to pack all of my belongings to ship home (Yay! Florida!) and studying for my finals this week. It's been hectic, and I think all of the packing and boxes are driving me a little crazy, don't you think?

Among the chaos, I have been able to do a little sewing. Lindsay and I went to a show in Brooklyn the other day, and since I packed all of my clothes, I had nothing to wear. I reconstructed this men's shirt into a dress.

Since my last post, we have gone to Caracas two more times, and each time I attempted to order and converse with the waiter in Spanish. The waiter helps when I fumble for the right words, but I think he laughs even more at my effort. I don't mind, I think it's hilarious to listen to me speak Spanish too. I think it is so great that they appreciate me trying and wanting to learn and are having a fun time as I say funny things. The Spanish-speaking family sitting next to us even laughed at my attempts. I'm so heartbroken that I won't be able to go back for tres meses...

My sister is graduating from High school this weekend, and my brother from college. Here is my sister at Senior Prom. The theme was "Casa Blanca", and my mother made her dress from a vintage pattern. My mother sent up the fabric, and I made the flower pins to match.

I recently made two skirts for Lindsay, but I still haven't found time to have her model them. Right now, I'm hoping to finish two more skirts for another friend. I'm looking forward to working and sewing over the summer, so that I can help Keiko even more next semester!

Today was a little sad as Lindsay and I ate our last steamed pork bun (we love those things!), and Bobby came to pick up the serger that I had borrowed. Studying for exams was sad too...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

This Week's Happenings

I'm a bit late on this post. I've been busy sewing, preparing for the end of the school year, and enjoying the city as much as I can before I leave in two weeks.
Here is my outfit that I wore on Tuesday. Lindsay and I went to the fabric store and she picked out fabric for me to make her some summer skirts. I also picked up fabric for bows! (I am always talking about bows...)

"I don't have any shorts or skirts to wear! They are all at home. All I have are jeans. It's too hot to wear jeans..."Before I could start on the skirts, I had to reconstruct a large shirt that Lindsay gave me. I think I am getting much better at sewing, and I am having such a great time. Lindsay wore her reconstructed shirt on Friday to Shake Shack. We ran into quite a bit of trouble when it started pouring down rain just as we got our food. We had not idea what to do. Finally, we took our hot dog, cheese fries, and ice cream sundae and ate it in the subway station...Let me tell you, we weren't the only ones with the idea.
This week has strayed so far from my normal routine and I can hardly remember what I've been doing! I just know that I've been happy for the majority of it. I better enjoy it while I can. Exams are just around the corner...