Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MAC Attack

The day passed by so quickly in Brooklyn today! I think it was all the time that I spent on the computer. I typed some e-mails and searched some blogs, and I found it a good use of my time because I had to figure out how to use a MAC. I'm a PC person, so every time I try to use a MAC, I go crazy. However, this was a calm day. I wasn't expected to work Photoshop or anything.It is valuable to know how to use both a PC and a MAC in today's world. I do not want to be limited in my efficiency and timeliness when it comes to completing a task just because I am not familiar with the basic computer functions of a MAC.

We spent lunchtime at a little Japanese restaurant. Keiko and Bobby took me out for my birthday, which was on Saturday (Yay! Valentine's Day). We talk a lot about good food that we've experienced. They recommended to me quite a few places that I need to try out, and I was able to do the same for them. Oh! There are just too many great places to eat in New York! How am I going to get to them all?

The sewing lesson for today was hemming. I used the serger to finish the end to prevent fraying, and then I folded the hem under and used the sewing machine to stitch it in place. It wasn't a particularly difficult lesson, but I had a problem with the tension and keeping the hem even. It will just take practice.

There will be plenty of time for practice. I recently found out that our dormitory basement has a few industrial sewing machines. I just have to buy some thread, needles, and fabric this week so I can get started and play around with it. Keiko was so nice and let me have some fabric scraps so I could practice making a few more headbands. Sweet!

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