Tuesday, September 8, 2009

NYC Adventure Week

I've only been back a week, but it seems like I never left! I've been busy switching my classes around, running around to the various departments at school, and cramming in all the fun that I can before I get slammed with homework. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to post my outfits and adventures (I can't post my sewing projects because my serger hasn't arrived in the mail yet!).

Lindsay and I hit up all of our favorite places, and explored some new ones. These places are fabulous! --Katz's, Momofuku Milk Bar, Pommes Frites, Le Pain Quotidien, Alice's Tea Cup, Ronny Brook Milk Bar at Chelsea Market, and Caracas. Wow. Writing this down I realize how much I ate in one week! Hey, It wasn't all food...I went to see Julie and Julia, the Brooklyn Bridge, the US Open and a Mets game too!

I'm also working to joining the cross country team at my school. I really need something to balance out my addiction for NYC restaurants.I don't want to go to much into detail right now and overwhelm you, so I'll leave all the adventure stories for another day...When I'm day dreaming and avoiding homework...

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