Thursday, November 19, 2009

As Seen on TV

These past two weeks have been crazy. I've been able to experience so many wonderful new things, most of them being in the entertainment industry. I am so flipping happy and excited about the opportunities I was able to take advantage of.

For the past six weeks, I've been working as a wardrobe intern on an independent film called "Ceremony". I color sorted ties, checked in beautiful wardrobe pieces, and assisted a little bit with production. My first time being on set was a little overwhelming, especially because it was freezing cold outside, and I had the job of running through the sand gathering up and returning warming coats from all of the extras in record time. My second day was much less rough because we were in the studio, and there were only two actors to take care of. I was so nervous about bothering anyone trying to do their job that I just tried to stand quietly in the corner so I wouldn't get in their way. I did a lot of observing.

Everyone was so friendly and I was so appreciative because I'm sure that it isn't always like that. I hope to be part of another production one day. I had a great time.

Last week I also got to be an extra on the television show Mercy. It was pretty cool for the first time, and I hope that I will be able to do it again. Maybe you can spot me in the last scene on December 9! I'm wearing a gray cardigan and jeans, and my hair is curly. I was freaking out the day before about which wardrobe pieces to bring, so I brought 3 outfits and 3 pairs of shoes. The wardrobe lady told me to wear what I already had on. What a bunch of wasted energy by me...
Boots: Aerosoles
dress: LF
tights: no clue
black long sleeves: H&M
Headband: Claire's These pictures made possible by my friend, Charles. Thanks Charles!!!!!


Charles George Esperanza said...

haha I totally got a shout out awesome! I cant wait to see you on Mercy this week.

KC said...

I will look for you on the show! Fabulous!!!
Love your poats and your Halloween costume was incredible. And please tell your friend I knew she was Artemis and not Cupid! What are people thinking?? :)
Keep exploring and soaking up that wonderful city!
xxoo KC